Chairs Hall Council meetings and makes sure chit-chat is always kept to a minimum (He himself, however, has been known to ramble on occasion). Darren also holds the record for most consecutive punctual meeting arrivals. Always comes prepared with a number of useful gadgets i.e. extension plugs, power sockets, mini fridges etc.



Oversees the internal events of the hall, the Block Representatives sub-committee, and the Freshmen Orientation Committee. The best things in life come in little packages, although diminutive in stature, Amanda is a huge ball of energy and is very outgoing and people oriented. She is an avid running man fan and an award winning shower singer. When Amanda isn’t flicking foreheads, one can find her at the carom table doing what she does best. You do NOT want to mess around with Amanda.

Financial Secretary


In charge of all money matters in the hall council often hounding other council members to ‘O$P$’. Suffers from a unique condition known as the ‘RSF’, a.k.a. Resting Sian Face, but that’s largely due to the humid weather. Shen’s favourite place in Pioneer Hall is the sky terrace, because it’s cooling and it’s ‘quite an up there place.’ Shen claims to find inner peace as he stares across the horizon, but we all know he’s just thinking of new ways to make the other council members pay up.

Honorary General Secretary

Michelle Tan

Settles the administration details for everything hall related, scribes for meetings and big decisions, oversees the Dinner and Dance Committee and emailing has officially become her newfound hobby (yayyers). Accompanying her quiet nature, Michelle usually shies away from too much social interaction and instead values quality time HTHT-ing with close friends, often away from the prying eyes and ears of others. Trustworthy, caring and reliable, she opens up her own mobile private counselling room for friends in need, so if you ever want a listening ear, you know who to look for (don’t try her room though, she’s often running around)!

Publicity Director


Being a Publicity Director, in Daniel’s opinion, is a thankless job. On the bright side, he gets to write whatever he wants on this website. His job also involves coming up with snazzy designs and a fairly regular use of Facebook and Instagram. He hopes that his time as publicity director will one day equip him with the necessary skills to become instafamous.

Media Director


Making people look good is part of Kelvin’s job. An avid photographer and videographer, cameras are Kelvin’s thing. To find Kelvin, one only need to listen for the sound of blues and jazz coming from his portable speakers. Kelvin’s hobbies include air drumming and feeding ‘Nachos’ the Crespion cat.

Business Director


Nobody in Pioneer Hall means business like Naz does. Naz is constantly seeking out opportunities to gain and expand on sponsorships for Pioneer hall. Naz is in the business of getting things done. For someone who's like a stick, Naz’s role is definitely greater than a Prime Minister.

Welfare Director


Takes care of the overall well-being of the residents and responsible for all Welfare packs and goodie bags. Deepa is essentially the Santa Claus of Pioneer hall and her room is constantly well stocked with canned drinks and khong guan biscuits. Her favourite colour is purple and she is always up for a late night chat, supper or round of bridge.

Social Director


Along with Mirza, Aaron works on creating social events that are both engaging and meaningful. Aaron’s good looks are one of the main reasons why Pioneer Hall social events are always well attended. More than just a pretty face however, Aaron is highly dedicated, refusing to accept anything short of the best and seeks only to organize the very best of events for residents.

Assistant Social Director


Together with Aaron, Mirza helps to plan and organize kickass social events to further bond the Pioneer Hall community. Mirza enjoys socializing and can often be found at LAB cafe having fun with his friends. Mirza considers himself to be an aspiring magician, because (in his own words) ‘when I smile, my eyes magically disappear!’

Recreational Games Director


Definitely the best looking recreational games director in the whole of NTU, Singapore and possibly the whole of Asia, Ping Kee manages the captains and managers of the many recreational games to ensure residents always have a place to go whenever they’re bored or wish to take a little break from the stress of Uni life. Darting from place to place, how Ping Kee manages so many games simply boggles the mind.

Assistant Recreational Games Director


Every group has its own ball of laughter. Joseph is Pioneer Hall’s. Together with Ping Kee, Joseph oversees all recreational games trainings and makes sure everyone gets the most fun out of playing. Joseph’s most distinct feature is his infectious laughter which, according to rumor, can be heard all the way from JB.

Cultural Director


As cultural director of Pioneer hall, Leonard is a firm believer in starting from the basics (or ‘bass-ics’ in his case) and enjoys helping people grow and improve in areas of the performing arts. As a talented musician and dancer, Leonard has garnered a cult following and is said to have ‘more moves than Jagger’. In his free time – wait no, Leonard doesn’t have any free time. No undergraduate does. But IF he had any free time, he’d one day fulfil his lifelong dream of swatting flies with his bare hands, saving him the necessary time needed to get from his seat to the fly swatter.

Academic Director


Zeqing is involved in the planning and coordinating of academic-related enrichment activities pertaining to the CresPion Halls. He acknowledges and takes pride in his unique surname and has pretty much heard every single pun/nickname/joke related to it since he was a kid - humour him if you have a novel one. He enjoys music and can play the annoyingly shrilly flute.Interestingly, he is also the Time magazine, person of the year for 2006.

Sports Director


As sports director, Aaron makes it a point to push and encourage his sports teams to achieve greater heights of success against other halls. In spite of his small frame, Aaron is an avid dragonboater and loves sports and exercise. However, with the increasing workload that comes with year 2, Aaron is now an avid sportsman when it comes to late night suppering.

Assistant Sports Director


A good 7/10 and possibly the ‘chillest’ member of the Hall Council. Andreas lives and breathes Pioneer Hall, at least that’s what he claims. For the most part, Andreas is the guy you’d go to for your late night ‘lepak’ sessions (although the RBF syndrome is strong in him). The most passion you’ll ever see in Andreas is when he’s on the field with his teammates or playing block catching with the resident security guard.

Community Service Director


In charge of earning Pioneer Hall good karma through community outreach programmes to places such as the Ren Ci nursing home. Xinyu constantly has a bright smile on her face and is always ready for a chat. Just don’t get her started on the topic of cats though, Xinyu will go into a never ending story about the curious tale of her 5 cats – you’ve been warned. Meow.

Special Project Director


In charge of organizing out of the ordinary events for hall residents, Shen Yang takes great pride in his creative endeavours. One of his biggest projects is the annual Freshmen Orientation Camp, aimed at integrating incoming freshmen into the fun-loving Pioneer culture. He is also an avid dancer and one should never ever play dance music at a meeting, unless one wants to stop Shen Yang from dancing on the tables.