Publicity Secretary

Tan Yin

Hello to all Niners! I’m Tan Yin, our Hall 9 18th JCRC Publicity Secretary! I am currently a year 2 ADM student, Majoring in Animation. Though I look quiet to some of you, I am a fun and playful person. I enjoy playing many of the sports and recreational games with other Niners, so do take a break from your busy university life and come down to play together to join in the fun!

Of course I’ve got a serious side as well. My job scope as the Publicity Secretary is to disseminate information to Hall 9 residents, mainly through painting of banners and designing of posters, with the help of my sub-committee members. We also do designing of T- shirts for the different portfolios in Hall 9 such as Sports, Recreational Games, Sub-committee members and JCRC committee. We will always welcome any of your ideas or comments too!

Last but not least, have a happy and fun time in the big hall 9 family!