Publications Secretary

Lau Seow Eng Caryn


Hi residents from Hall 9! My name is Caryn and I’m a Year 2 Information Engineering and Media (IEM) student in NTU. I’m the Publications Secretary and my job scope is to work with my assistant, Jia Haur, and sub-committee members in taking photos and videos of Hall 9, maintaining the Hall 9 Website and Facebook page, and in charge of our very own Hall 9 magazine!

I’m a fun-loving person who always aiming to have fun and entertainment, so I do hope that everyone will always have fun in Hall 9 most of your time playing and hanging out with your friends and make Hall 9 a more enjoyable and memorable stay for everyone. =)

Last but not least, my interests and hobbies are mostly multimedia-related stuffs, especially when it comes to taking photos and videos and doing IT-design. So do watch out for me and my favourite ‘weapon/ammunition’, my Nikon! XD

Ps. To my Subcomm members, great to have you guys here! =D