Senior Hall Fellow

Associate Professor Tung Lai Lai
Nanyang Business School

Phone: 67905727


I am an Associate Professor at the Nanyang Business School in NTU.  I coordinate and teach a core course for the second year Accountancy students – AC213: developing business information systems. My current research areas include Electronic Commerce, Group Support Systems and Virtual Communities. My papers have been published in International MIS Journals, refereed International conference proceedings, as well as in special-interest IT books. I have served as a consultant for both the private and public sectors in Singapore.

You may have seen me jogging around campus or at the running tracks in my spare time. When I read, I prefer mysteries and detective novels.  I also prefer to view movies or programmes on the Internet rather than watching TV, as the former gives me more control over the timing and availability of the programme.

Hall Fellow

Associate Professor Lee Yong Tsui
Assistant Chair (Students), School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Phone: 67905493

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I obtained my BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Leeds in England and in between a master degree from the University of Rochester, USA. I worked in England as a software engineer for some eight years before joining NTU in 1991. My areas of interest relate to things computing, such as computer graphics, computer-aided design and manufacturing, simulation and so forth.

Outside school, I had been (note the past tense) a keen sportsman, playing squash competitively, and table tennis and badminton for leisure. But a recent rupture of my right Achilles tendon on the squash court put paid to all that. My physical exercises are now reduced to long brisk walks, and our green campus is an ideal place for that. So you can often see me on my long track along NTU paths in the dark after work. I have also been a keen chess player, particularly Chinese chess. Used to play it almost daily during my secondary school days, but hardly since going to university over 30 years ago, for a lack of opponents. So it is a pleasant discovery to me that Hall 9 has some of the best players on campus. I can now relive some of my mis-spent youth.

As a Hall Fellow, I hope to be able to help students integrate into Hall and University life, and perhaps add a bit of vibrancy to it all, and generally, make the Hall a nice and homely place for everyone.

Hall Fellow (Block 46)

Assistant Professor Cheng Yuanshan
National Institute of Education, Psychological Studies

Phone: 67903183


Dr Cheng Yuanshan graduated from experimental psychology programme. He was trained intensively in research methodology and statistics areas. He used to teach at Beijing Normal University and University of Ottawa. As a cognitive psychologist, he is interested in how people make their judgments in different contingencies. Working in NIE, he conducted educational studies such as educational assessments and students’ discipline problems.

An Interview with Prof Cheng (Report):

Do you know who the hall fellow of Block 46 is? A.P. Cheng Yuan Shan (46-2-865), the friendly Hall Fellow is the answer.

Prof Cheng is from the Department of Psychological Studies of the National Institute of Education (NIE). He teaches research methodology, educational enquiry, the assessment of teaching as well as community service, a core course in NIE which requires him to visit student centres with his own students, organizing activities like excursions for the kids.

Although teaching in the Department of Psychological Studies, Prof Cheng initially did not like Psychology, (and perhaps still does not…) as he feels that Psychology presents too many unknowns.

Teaching in NIE from 1996 to 2004, Prof Cheng resigned to join his family, who continue to reside in Canada. In May 2007, Prof. Cheng rejoined NIE.

Like many, Prof. Cheng is a newcomer to Hall 9, having moved in only 2 months ago. To his surprise, Hall 9 is a very lively place (especially late at night—very noisy!)

In his spare time, Prof Cheng listens to music (modern and soft rock), takes strolls and reads. He especially loves wuxia (martial arts) fiction by Jin Yong—when he was taking his Masters’ degree, he would rush to the library after his exams to grab one of Jin Yong’s books. Prof. Cheng also likes to play badminton, ping pong and volleyball, although it has been ages since he last played these sports (his last memory of these is from secondary school).

Prof Cheng wants to be friendly, although he has previously been ignored by students here. To him, as a Hall Fellow, he is no longer “the Professor” but a “Big Friend” to all. He believes that hall life is about living together as a new society. Here, we need to be tolerant, to learn to solve problems by talking things out and learn to communicate with each other.

If we, the hall residents, ever have any problems, Hall Fellows like Prof Cheng will always be there to help.

Hall Fellow (Block 47)

Associate Professor Yang Yaowen
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Division of Structures and Mechanics

Phone: 67904057


An Interview with Prof Yang (Report):

Do you know who our Blk 47 Hall Fellow? He is Prof Yang, a native of Hu Bei, China, and is now an Associate Professor from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He obtained his BEng and MEng from Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ and PhD from NTU. He now teaches first year Mathematics I, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Analysis and Advance Strength of Materials. He received Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2009. Prof Yang’s research interests include smart materials and structures, structural health monitoring and energy harvesting.

Prof Yang enjoys the interaction with students, whether it is a few minutes spent answering questions before and after class, office hours or casual conversation. So feel free to talk to him, and challenge him with your math and mechanics problems.