Junior Common Room Committee

The Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) is the hall's student executive body. Its main tasks are to organize activities for the residents of the hall and to oversee their welfare. At the start of every academic year, elections are held to form the JCRC, with freshmen and seniors welcome to run for the various portfolios.


JCRC Portfolios


Lead the JCRC; serve as the link between the University and the residents.

Vice President

Assist the President in the leadership of the JCRC.

Special Projects Officer

Take charge of special events and projects of the JCRC.

Residential Education Secretaries

Manage the Residential Education Programme (REP).

Honorary General Secretary

Manages the CCA records of the hall’s players and committee members.

Finance Secretary

Manage the finances of the JCRC.

Sports Secretaries

Manage and coordinate the hall’s sports teams.

Recreation Secretaries

Manage and coordinate the hall’s recreational games teams.

Cultural Secretaries

Manage the hall’s dance team, PA crew, emcees, and Jam Band members.

Social Secretaries

Manage the hall’s cheerleading team and manage the IH Crew subcommittee.

Publication Secretaries

Provide media coverage for the hall’s activities.

Publicity Secretary

Design the hall’s publicity collaterals.

Business Secretary

Secure sponsors for the hall’s various activities.

Welfare Secretary

Organize programs that cater to the welfare of the hall’s residents.


Block Representatives

Serve as the communication link between the JCRC and the residents of each block.

Residential Education Subcommittee

Assist the REP Secretaries in coordinating the programme.

Jam Band

Stage music performances during the hall's events.

PA Crew and Emcees

Man the audio systems required and emcee at hall events.

Team Captains

Consists of four groups - Sports, Recreation, Dance, Cheerleading. Lead the players and manage the teams' training programmes.

IH Subcommittee

Assist the JCRC in ensuring the welfare of the hall's players during the Hall Olympiad.

Publication Subcommittee

Assist the Publication Secretaries in media coverage.

Publicity Subcommittee

Assist the Publicity Secretary in creating publicity collaterals.

Business Subcommittee

Assist the Business Secretary in the sourcing of sponsors.

Welfare Subcommittee

Assist the Welfare Secretary in preparing and distributing welfare packages.