Established in 1990, Hall of Residence 7 is one of NTU's older halls. Located in a tranquil corner of the campus, the hall boasts large open areas and plenty of greenery. With a total of 60 single rooms and 220 double rooms, Hall 7 can house up to 500 residents for accomodation. Each resident is entitled to a study table, a chair, a cupboard, a shelf and a shoe rack (located at the outside of the room).




Equipped with tables and chairs, our 5 lounges (one for each block) are well-utilised for steamboats, gatherings and a late-night study area.


Each block has one pantry, each equipped with 2 induction cookers, 1 microwave and 1 hot water dispenser.

Computer room

Want to print your notes, but you don't have a printer? Fret not! The computer room is just the place for you to get your notes printed! Just be sure to have your ez-link card topped up!

Laundry room

Equipped with 6 washing machines and a dryer, the laundry room can be found at the first floor of each block!

Reading room

Equipped with air-conditioning, the reading room is popular among residents especially during the examination revision periods.

Music room

The music room is furnished with air-conditioning, a piano and some furniture, perfect for a small gathering.

Function Hall

The function hall is where most of our hall events are held. It is also used for indoor sports trainings.

Sport facilities

Hall 7 has a basketball court, 2 tennis courts, a squash court, and a gym. Apart from the tennis courts which require online booking, the other facilities are exclusively for Hall 7 residents.

Above All. Beneath None.

Each year, our 20 sport teams sweat it out against other halls in the NTU Hall Olympiad.

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Our 10 recreational games teams battle it out against other halls in the annual NTU Hall Olympiad.

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Sevvy is our very own dance team. The dancers put up performances during the annual Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony (HOCC).

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7aegers, a.k.a. Jaegers, are our cheerleaders. They participate in the annual Inter-Hall Cheerleading Competition (IHCC).

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