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Hall of Residence 5 is known for being one of the smallest and oldest halls in NTU. Situated near the Yunnan Gardens, it is home to 500 residents since its inaugaration on 25 July 1990. It has come a long way since the days when its first residents were still housed in Block 915, Jurong East in 1989. Together with Hall of Residence 6, we moved to our new premises in 1990. Hall 5 was designed for life in the tropics. It was named one of the best places for communal living and its cross-ventilation structure which allows energy conservation. Once upon a time, our nickname was the “Fish Tank Hall” because of the unique window structure. The four residential blocks, each built around a central courtyard, are structured like a kampong. Residents here identify themselves by the colour of their blocks (Purplers, Bluers, Greeners, Orangers) instead of the usual numbers. This arrangement focuses on achieving a lively and interactive environment, and making Hall 5 a family and home for its residents - they can wake up every morning expecting to receive warm greetings from neighbours. Hall 5’s motto is “Strive in Unity for Excellence”, and Fivers do their best to adhere to their motto in all their endeavours, as all achievements hitherto would be insignificant if there is a failure to recognise that they are a result of everyone’s collective hard work. This motto underscores the importance of unity in the Hall 5 spirit - the act of individuals putting aside differences and coming together as one, with a singular vision, to accomplish greatness. This ideology is also reflected in Hall 5’s crest. Apart from this, Hall 5 has also established itself as the premier cultural hall in NTU. Besides having 4 cultural groups, our very own Quintsical Productions has staged and produced full scale original musicals every year since 1983 - all songs, lyrics and scripts have been written by talented Fivers. Moreover, Hall 5 is situated near the entrance of NTU and is a short stroll away from Ah Fang and Extension, the hot 24/7 supper spots. Fivers can often be seen going for late night suppers and rarely go hungry. This is especially appreciated on occasions that need the burning of midnight oil. Most importantly, Hall 5 is a place that will accept you as family.

The Hall 5 Crest is made up of one column supporting a blazing torch, with a lion at each side. Within the column, there are four coloured stripes - representing the four blocks - that surround a centre stripe that signifies the four blocks unifying as one. The volutes at the capital mark the Fivers’ commitment to flourish in the cultural fields, whereas the torch signifies excellence in sports. Its bright blazing fire is a symbol of the Fivers’ undaunted spirit. The two roaring lions symbolise our identification with Singapore and her boldness and courage. Their facing towards the sky reflects residents’ pride as a Fiver, and their passion to soar to greater heights.

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