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Hall 5 Freshmen Orientation Camp 28th July 2014 to
2nd August 2014
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Hall 5 Yearbook 13/14
Nanyang Technological University
Hall Office: 6790-5165
Office e-mail: hall5go@ntu.edu.sg
JCRC: ffoo002@e.ntu.edu.sg
Nanyang Technological University
Hall of Residence 5
8 Nanyang Drive
Singapore 637719

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Hall Fellows
Senior Hall Fellow:A/P Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie
Block 28 Hall Fellow:Mr Chan Weng Hoo
Block 29 Hall Fellow:Dr Dinesh Kumar Srinivasan
Block 30 Hall Fellow:-
Block 31 Hall Fellow:Asst/P Shih Chih-Min