Hall 2 has a long and illustrious sporting heritage. Widely regarded as one of the sporting powerhouses in the Inter Hall Games, Hall 2 has consistently been ranked amongst the top 4 sports hall every IHG season. We were able to achieve overall 2nd for sports in IHG 10/11. Being a sports hall with a strong heritage, there is a strong sense of continuity and camaraderie amongst the sports teams. We are actively looking to recruit new players who are able to contribute and become part of Hall 2. Competitions aside, IHG is about allowing all hall residents to be able to participate in a variety of sports and all residents are welcome to join any of Hall 2's sports teams irregardless of experience. The Inter Hall Games consist of a total of 20 sports, as stated below along with our results:

Basketball (M) | Badminton | Volleyball (F) | Squash

1st Runner Up
Rugby | Volleyball (M) | Swimming | Waterpolo | Track Road relay

Semi Finalist
Tennis | Softball (F)

Quarter Finalist
Hockey (M) | Soccer | Sepak Takraw | Softball (M) | Netball

Basketball (F) | Hockey (F) | Table tennis