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What OMC is about

Orientation Main Committee, affectionately known as OMC, is basically a gathering of THE MOST wacky, fun-loving, and spontaneously cheerful people. We are tasked with bringing to each and every Hall 2 freshmen an explosive start to their life in our big Hall 2 family. Yes, and that means we are responsible for raising funds, planning and trying out of games, and many many more excruciating steps into making our massively fun Freshmen Orientation Camp a reality. Yet each year, seeing the joy-filled faces of each freshmen as they enjoy the fruits of our labour, makes it all worth it.

In OMC, fun is our business and we are DAMN serious about it. =)

Hall 2 Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC)

Our FOC encompasses a myriad of activities that guarantees you an out-of-this world experience. It translates our unique Hall 2 culture, which is centered around energetic and yet fun activities based on our excellence in sports, traditions of Hall 2 having a long history being the first few NTU Halls, as well as strong camaraderie amongst our residents, seniors or freshmen alike.

If you are a freshmen, be prepared to be immersed in an truly awesome and legendary experience. It is here you will forge life-long friends, share great memories, earn your place as a proud resident of Hall 2 !

To register for Camp HoHii, click here.