Verve Productions has been a platform for our hall residents to showcase their talents and open up new horizons for the production as we add in new elements of theatre into our production.

We have staged many successful productions previously, most notably "Fast Cars and Fancy Women" and Michael Chiang's 'Mixed Signal' in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and received many favourable reviews.

In February 2007, 'The Store of Memorabilia' was an important milestone for Verve Productions as it was an original script written by one of our hall residents and it was a hugely successful performance. In February 2008, our production team also put up another one of our originals titled "Secrets" which was very much well-received from our hall residents. Our production in early 2009, "Alice and Celia" added another number to our tracks of successful productions, receiving numerous compliments from fellow hall residents.

The next production in March 2010 which was also the 10th anniversary of Verve Production furthered the professionalism and depth of Verve Production as we brought in new elements of theatre like integrating musical-styled performance into the conventional theatre.

Synopsis of 'Ten'
This year, Hall 2 Verve Productions will be staging our annual production, Ten/X, which pays homage to the Agatha Christie classic, And Then There Were None.

You are invited to follow the lives of 10 strangers thrown together under one roof. It is going to be highly intense with a deadly concoction of sex, lies and violence mixed with deep dark secrets spilling out of everyone's guts. One by one, they succumb to the house.

Will they be able to break free?

Find out this March at Jubilee Theatre, Raffles Hotel. It'll kill us not to see you there.

Hall Production Committee
Producer Stephen
Co Producer Wee Kiat
Financial Controller Qianqi
Director Weilun
Asst. Director Xiang Yi
Stage Managers Yuzheng
Props and Sets Alvin Bay
Sung Nian
Justin Teh
Costumes and Makeup Zhixin
Lights & Sounds Malcom
Publications and Publicity Fongyi
Boon Long
Business Manager Ervin
Business Manager Eunice Ngieng
Koh Ping Fang
Young Min
Si Ting
Jia Chang
Wang Peng