DnD is a committee which aims to provide a fun and collaborative environment in which you can enrich your uni life! Basically, we organise 3 major(ly) fun-filled events for our hall - the Hall 2 X'mas party, Hall 2 DnD preview and (obviously) hall 2 pageant cum DnD!

Due to the extent of awesome-ness and thee grandeur of our events, raising funds is an integral part of our committee, through which we gain insights into working organisations and events companies in society today, not to mention useful contacts for future use and, of course, making many more friends from all walk of life.

So! If you are looking for an amazing and enriching hall and, not to mention, uni life, with opportunities to plan, organise and run events, DnD is here to provide you with all that and more!

Chairperson Shih Tong Jiat Bryan
Vice Chairperson Ong Zhengjie
Secretary Phagan Toh
Financial Controller Eng Shang Fei
Chief Programmer Yip Yi Ling Elaine
Travis Tay Yi Sheng
Cedrick Lee
Business Manager Sarene Ang
Kenneth Hor
Janelle Beh

Publication & Publicity

Evangeline Au Yan Yee
Hans Kho
Michelle Ang
Logistics Officer Lim Ee Siong
Seow Wei Chung
Pageant Coordinator Eugene Tang
Chern Mo Yi
Welfare Chin Jing Yi Claire
JCRC EX-Officials Kong Jian Hao
Jocelyn Neo Hui Yuan