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HALL 15 Mid Autumn Festival
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XVians, heads up! FOC is coming up!
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Wow, Fantastic Baby!! - Kuan Yuan
Conducive and Entertaining - Augustine
God Damn Crazy - Albert Phua
Fun, Happy, Convenient - Ping Lynn
Sleepless, crazy, gossipy - Wei Ting
Very welcoming environment - Jie Ying

Welcome to NTU Hall of Residence 15

Constantly striving for excellence, with the passion and fire that ignites the spirit.

University life would never be complete without living in the halls of residence. If you’re thinking that staying in hall merely provides convenience and a conducive environment for studying, YOU’RE MISTAKEN! Here at Hall 15, we work hard and play even harder.


With uniquely-shaped blocks that promotes bonding with neighbours and exciting social events lined up all-year-round, it’s no wonder we have so much fun! Want proof? Just take a look at our photo gallery and events pages. Otherwise feel free to navigate around our website to find out more…


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