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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where can I buy an air-con card and where can I top up my air-con card?

You can purchase the air-con pre-paid card from the Hall Office. Top up is at the kiosk outside the Hall Office, at one end of the corridor. There is another top-up kiosk outside Canteen 14.


2. What do I do if I get locked out of my room?

You can seek help from the Hall Office during office hours. If the Hall Office is closed, seek help from your Hall Fellows during the following hours:
·         Mon–Fri                    6 pm to 11 pm
·         Sat/Sun/PH               9 am to 11 pm

Beyond these hours, please spend the night in the TV Lounge.


3. I tapped my access card on the lock, it blinked red and I couldn’t unlock the door. Why and what do I do?

This is probably due to you not holding your card to the card reader long enough until the beeping has stopped, when you entered the gate.
Go to any of the entrance gates and tap your card on the reader as you would when entering the gate.
Proceed to try again on your room.


4. When I go away for a few days, my access card does not open the door. Why and what to do?

The reason is that your card has not been validated for a long time and you did not tap and hold your card to the reader until the beeping stopped when you entered the gate. Your access card has a validity of 3 days only. Each time you tap your card at an access gate reader, when you are entering the residence blocks, the reader does a validity check on the card and if the card is not blacklisted, its validity is extended for another 3 days. This is why you need to hold the card to the reader long enough for the validity check to complete, as in the situation of Q3.


5. What do I do if there is defect in my room?

You may report the defect and make a work request online. Go to Studentlink -> Others -> Hostel Repair Works.


6. Is it OK to store my belongings (luggage, laundry basket etc.) outside my room?

Please do not clutter the corridor with your belongings. They pose as obstacles to cleaning works and as impediments to evacuation in times of emergency.


7. Is there a "Quiet Time" for residents?

Yes, the Quiet Time is from 11:30 pm till 7:30 am.


8. What behaviors should I observe during the "Quiet Time"?

Keep all sorts of noise down such as no talking loudly in the public area, no banging doors, no shouting across the court yard, etc. Return to your room, no more visiting other rooms and ask your guests to leave.


9. Can I smoke in the Hall?

No. You cannot smoke in any part of the hall premises. You must be at least 5 metres away from the wall of the hall premises to smoke.


10. Where do I wash my laundry?

You may use the washing machines in the Laundry Room on level 2. Please make sure you keep the door of the Laundry Room locked to prevent unauthorized persons. To conserve energy and water, wash laundry when you have enough for a full load. Collect your laundry immediately after it is washed or dried to allow others to use the machines and to prevent laundry theft. Management is not responsible for lost laundry.


11. Where do I hang dry my laundry?

You may hang your laundry on the cloth lines provided along the corridor. Do not bring your own laundry rack to the Hall. If you do, you must store it inside you room. Please collect your laundry immediately once it is dry to prevent laundry theft and to allow others to use the cloth lines. As a precaution about theft, you should hang dry expensive garment inside your room. Management is not responsible for lost laundry.


12. Is it possible for me to switch room during the semester?

Yes, you may, for a valid reason, but subject to availability of vacancies and your eligibility for that room.


13. If I have problem with my roommate, who can I ask for help?

You can start with this Self-Help material from the Student Counselling Centre. If this doesn’t work, arrange to see your Hall Fellow together to mediate the dispute.


14. How do I book the hall facilities?

Residents can book the available hall facilities through our hall’s Integrated Booking Facilities System.


15. Is there printing facilities in hall? Where?

Printing services can be found in our hall’s Computer Room which is located beside the seminar room, near the Hall Office. The Computer Room is open from 9:00am – 12:00am (Mon–Sat) and closed on Sun and PH.


16. Can I apply for hall in the middle of the semester?

It is subject to the availability of the Hall vacancies at that time. You may check with Housing Services Office on level 5, Student Services Centre or call 6790 5155 for enquiry.


17. How do I withdraw from hall?

You have to give advance notice (Please refer to our leaflet given during check-in) to the Hall Office. Please go to the Hall Office to complete a Withdrawal form.


18. What are the hotlines that I should be aware of?

.       Fault Reporting and Security Hotline (for emergency repairs, security matters, rules enforcement & pest control):      6790 4777   (24 hours)
.       Center for IT Services (CITS) Helpdesk(helpdesk@ntu.edu.sg):     6790 5228
·       NTU Medical Center (SS3-B2-5):  6793 6828 / 6974
·       Student Counselling Centre (SSC-05-7):     6790 4462
·       Police (for emergencies only):     999
·       Fire or emergency ambulance:     995
·       Non-emergency ambulance:     1777


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Our Staff

Chew Keng Guan (Mr)
Contact person/ Manager of Hall 15 kgchew@ntu.edu.sg


Mabel Heng (Mdm)
Hall 15 Front desk, in charge of Student's Accomodation matters


Christina Ang (Mdm)
Hall 15 Front desk, in charge of Student's Accomodation matters


Hartati (Ms)
Hall 15 Staff Member


Teo Bee Chu
Hall 15 Staff Member



Hall XV 14th JCRC (2014/15)

Ang Wei Sheng


Simon Tan


Marcus Tan
Honourary General Secretary


Loh Wei Li
Financial Secretary


Ricky Quak
Business Manager


Adonis Toh
Publication Secretary


Joanne Quek
Publicity Secretary


Heng Wee Ping
Cultural Secretary


Kelly Ang
Cultural Secretary


Darren Zeng
Recreational Secretary


Ang Hui Fong
Recreational Secretary


Lee Zheng Rui
Social Secretary


Colby Ong
Social Secretary


Ang Zhi Ying
Sports Secretary


Goh Jun Xian
Sports Secretary


Lance Lim
Special Projects Officer


Jason Toh
Special Projects Officer



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Our Contacts
The JCRC Office is located right next to the Hall Office. However, you may want to reach us via:


Junior Common Room Committee

Hall of Residence 15
36, Nanyang Crescent,
Singapore 637635


(+65) 6795 4583